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Welcome to Ix Tech mining products

We are miners who want to help our community by building them quality and amazing products. Browse our products below and click on the order link to safely and securely purchase them through Amazon.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or new products you would like to see! Also, shoot us an email if you would like to be notified when new products go live!

We are also looking to support payments by Bitcoin/Lightning so stay tuned for that process.


GPU riser PCIe clips

These 3D printed clips securely fasten your USB cable PCIe top mount riser boards to the motherboard’s PCIe slot. Click the Amazon link to view pricing and more pictures.

Glow in the Dark-Blue

These blue glow in the dark add a bit of flair to your rig. Under normal light it is a bright blue color but turn the lights off and the clip will light up! Welcome to the Grid, Programs!

Clown Green

Looking for a little punch of color? Why not try this bright, neon green one! This clip will catch your eye every time and adds some color to your mining rigs.

Bitcoin Orange

Now we couldn’t add any another color other than one to honor the first crypto! This Bitcoin orange clip stands out like its namesake and will make you want to HODL!

GPU Hangars

Securely organize your GPU’s with a heat resistant, open air hangar that works with pretty much every GPU. We have tried GPU’s from RX580’s, 1660’s and all the way up to 3090’s. We used a higher temperature resistant filament so you wont have to worry about warpage, melting, etc. for those of you who run your rigs hot. We have also included an integrated screw and thread system with additional support to ensure your prized GPU’s are safe. Click the Amazon link to view pricing and more pictures.

Multi-colored Rainbow

Why not match the beautiful RGB cards with some RGB hangars! The color varies across the width of the hangar.

Clown Green

Just like the clips, these green hangars will definitely add some color and make your setup pop!

Bitcoin Orange

Got to make sure we honor Satoshi and keep it going across all our product line!

Color Change (Purple→Pink)

Well, we couldn’t decide if we wanted to add pink or purple, so we decided to add both in one! This one actually changes colors from purple to pink when the temp gets past ~72F.

ASIC mining


8in Air Filter

This air filter slides right into inline fans or ASIC shrouds to help keep your miner cleaner, longer.

About Us

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    We are a Veteran, family-owned business operated in the USA. We manufacture high quality products for crypto miners. Being miners ourselves, we kept searching for cool and high-quality products for our rigs. Not satisfied with what was out there and seeing the demand from the community, we decided to build our own and share with others! If you have any questions or ideas for new products, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]